Quarterly Newsletter
Motion Reel
Demonstration of motion design capabilities. All examples were made using After Effects CC. I am endlessly influenced by clean UI motion design, and seek to incorporate solutions that are elegant and appear inevitable.
Triple Header Birthday Bash
Album Design
Race for Every Child Impact Report
Printed impact report to communicate previous sponsors' impact, and showcase the event to potential sponsors
Year End Ads
One of a series of year-end banner ads
Clinical Enterprise
Editorial Style Guide
2017 Corporate Donor Report
9 x 12 brochure with back inside cover pocket.  
2017 Children's Ball
Video art direction, event creative and technical support
100 Black Men
Digital ad series to promote an event
2016 Sibley Sorée Signage
Event signage for the 2016 Sibley Sorée. Printed at 24x36" and displayed during the event. Four pieces in total, they thanked sponsors, highlighted the young professionals board, and shared information about hospital programs.
2016 CMN Campaign
Family of support materials to help launch a Children's Miracle Network fundraising campaign
Children's Circle of Care Brochure
Tri-fold brochure, part of an ongoing effort to bring outdated materials into our current design language.
Chase's Story
Such an honor to art direct Chase's story
The Impact of Philanthropy
Part of a refreshed family of materials that incorporate the hospital's messaging, while promoting philanthropy. Intended to give a more in-depth look for board members and key donors. Printed at 8.5 x 5.5, opening up to 17 x 5.5.
How Philanthropy Makes a Difference
Part of a refreshed family of materials that incorporate the hospital's messaging, while promoting philanthropy. Printed at 8.5 x 5.5, opening up to 17 x 5.5.
How Donations Help 2015
Infographic sharing some key stats from FY15. We wanted a one-page print piece that was versatile enough to be included in larger packets, but could stand on its own, as well. This piece sets the visual standard for most of our print and online work.
Race for Every Child
After creating more conventional promotional videos for the Race, we wanted to go in a different direction for this one. Shorter, more impactful, and in the style of tv spot.
Tess and Alexander: 2015 Children's Ball
Art directed this video for the 2015 Children's Ball. It was shown right before the live auction to remind attendees of the importance of their donations.
2015 Children's Ball: Main Title Animation
Main Title animation loop for the 2015 Children's Ball
Thanks to Our Sponsors
Art directing this video was wonderful. We were very happy to thank the sponsors of the 2014 Children's Ball in a fun and unique way!
2014 Children's Ball Motion Graphics
Using pre-designed elements, I created a series of motion graphics to support the 2014 Children's Ball, which was the single most successful fundraising event in Washington, DC. Two examples are below--the default graphic, which was looped, and a grand total reveal. Other pieces incorporated the default graphic with photos and sponsor logos which were played during cocktail hour and dinner, but at 20+ minutes, they aren't ideal to showcase here.
The Lucky One
What an honor it was to art direct this video, which was debuted at the 2013 Children's Ball. We were thrilled to win several awards: Local DC Advertising awards: GOLD District DC Advertising awards: SILVER Best In Show at the Washington TIVA DC Peer Awards Gold Peer Award at the Washington TIVA DC Peer Awards
Homepage Lightboxes
Several lightbox designs and mockup for Children's National's homepage
Grateful Family Poster
Concept to promote the hospital's grateful family program
Gentlemen's Agreement
Class project to create and brand a beer. Sometimes when the mood hits just right, I still wish I could crack one open.
Social Media Highlights: 2011
Infographic summarizing Children's National's brand exposure on social media in 2011
Challenge Grant
One pager describing and illustrating the need for, and benefit of, a challenge grant to corporate partners. I didn't write the copy, and the color blocks are branding pieces, but the layout and infographic are mine.
Breaking Boundaries
Posters created for a fundraising event to show how geographical and technological boundaries are being broken by Children's National
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