The de Beaumont Foundation asked me to work with them on an overhaul of their visual identity.  The project took over a year to fully execute, and started with a full exploration of who they are, what they do, and what they stand for.
Digging into the history of the foundation, and working with them to define their future so that we could articulate it visually was incredibly rewarding.  The de Beaumont Foundation was created by Pierre de Beaumont, the founder of the Brookstone Company, in 1998, with a mandate to relieve human suffering.  They made the decision early on to focus on public health as a way to positively affect as many people as possible.
In our discussions and explorations, one theme repeatedly emerged: the need for clarity.  There was specific confusion about what they did, and general confusion about the concept of public health, which addresses populations, vs. the more familiar health care, which only addresses individuals.  We worked to strip away the layers of the existing brand, and emerge with an identity that is clean, clear, and supports the work of public health workers to an array of audiences. 
I provided a full suite branding materials, including the new logo, color palettes, and typography, and applied them to a range of physical deliverables, including letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and templates for PowerPoint and Word.  I also worked with their web design vendor to ensure consistency across headings and body text, wrote a little bit of CSS, and created and implemented images and assets that look great on high-resolution screens.
Working with the team at de Beaumont was a joy.  I hope that my work serves them and their mission for years to come.
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